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Labeling Built to Last -- Polyester

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

At Bauman we have a very durable AND efficient labeling solution! Polyester is an economical material used for stickers, signage, industrial identification, control panel overlays, and more.

Polyester is thicker and more rigid than vinyl and is a great choice if you need a dependable label. These labels are long-lasting, so you can rely on the information to stay clear even when being handled often - and if adhesive is requested - the adhesive will stay stuck in place extensively. Polyester is a great outdoor solution thanks to its abrasion resistant, water resistant and UV-fade resistant qualities!

These labels are also glare resistant which ensures your custom-printed design will consistently be easy to read. Polyester may be ordered either in color or transparent - we could even create a color printed label with a transparent window.

This versatile material can also handle operating in oils and some chemicals, such as common cleaners and industrial solvents – as well as remaining stable in high-heat environments up to 302°F!

This adhesive label is scratch resistant, can be applied outdoors or indoors, and will last extensively! One more thing - polyester labels are cost efficient, meaning you can maintain very durable labels without breaking the bank!

Polyester Sticker Label Durable Transparent Tough Economical Solution
Polyester Label Solution

To learn more, contact us at We are happy to further explain our products and capabilities, or to deliver your quote response within 24 hours!

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