Engraved Plastic Nameplates 

Our engraved plastic nameplates come in a variety of color combinations and adhesive options. Sometimes referred to as Lamicoid in a generic sense, we use modern 2 or 3-ply engraving stock that looks great and lasts. We also have a phenolic material alternative, Safe-T-Mark™, available for military applications. Our high-quality tags and labels include:

  • Valve tags

  • Conduit tags

  • Test switch nameplates

  • Bar codes 

  • Brand identification 

  • Identification stickers 

  • Equipment identification

  • Operating instructions 

DuraBlack® Nameplates & Signs 

DuraBlack® is a CO2 laser markable aluminum that is extremely durable, making it perfect for signage in even the harshest environments. In fact, it meets or exceeds many government and military durability standards. In side-by-side tests, DuraBlack® outperforms black anodized aluminum in select applications. DuraBlack® is resistant to:

  • Sunlight/UV degradation

  • Abrasion 

  • High temperatures

  • Salt spray corrosion

  • Chemical exposure 

Graphic Overlays

Our graphic overlays can be customized to meet any signage design need. These overlays help the visual flow and organization of equipment controls. Our one-piece design feature drastically reduces assembly time and makes your panel look clean and professional. Available in subsurface printed non-glare hard coat polyester, reverse engraved, and front engraved. 

Use custom overlays for:

  • Graphic control panels

  • Front panels 

  • Back panels

  • Machinery instructions 

  • Compliance requirements

Controls Identification Products

Our advanced engraving/cutting capabilities, coupled with over 40 years of combined experience in the controls identification industry, means we are familiar with most requirements and terminology of aluminum tags and plastic test switch nameplates, for example. Some common control ID products produce include:

  • Custom Legend Plates 

  • Data Plates

  • Switch Plate Covers 

  • Custom Push Button Labels  

  • Escutcheon Engraving

  • Annunciator Windows 

A typical busy production day, utilizing many different processes for one of our industrial customers.


“I would also like to stress our deep appreciation on the quality workmanship of all your products.
Our company is known for its quality products. It's vendors like yourself that keeps us in line with that reputation”

— Bill W., Sign Shop

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