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Vinyl & Polyester Safety Labels 

Create vinyl labels for OSHA compliance, construction signage, and safety signs – among other important designations – to ensure your business follows regulatory practices with durable tags and labels. We also have reflective vinyl to enhance visibility, especially helpful in dimly lit or dark areas. Electrical tray labels, warning and danger labels, company logos, and more.

Photo-Luminescent Signage

Long-lasting. Light-absorbing. Critical and reliable visibility in case of an emergency. Because it does not rely on electricity, there are minimal installation efforts needed. PL, or "glow-in-the-dark" signage is required in some building code situations.  We make custom PL signage that satisfies National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements in the event of power loss and loss of lighting.

Custom Safety Signs

Our signs will be produced with your facilities’ safety requirements and critical messages in mind. We are knowledgeable and experienced on OSHA and ANSI standards. Keep all employees safe and aware of your safety rules… Critical messages to promote health and safety for all employees and guests… Clear understanding of potential hazards…Magnetic option available to relocate as needed by your facilities operations...and ADA Braille options are also available if needed.

Make sure you communicate a clear understanding of potential hazards in your facility and/or on your products.

Safe-T-Mark Phenolic Tags

Rowmark’s Safe-T-Mark™ compares to Norplex, Lamacoid and Melamine in flame tests and electrical conductivity, making it the ideal choice for control panels,  industrial, equipment, identification and electrical tags. These tags are electrically non-conductive, insulative, fire retardant, AND non-flammable! 


Meets 10ˆ12 Ohms/square meter or higher in electrical resistivity, UL 94 V0, RoHS compliant (halogen-free), PVC-free, Formaldehyde and Phenol free.

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