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5 Uses for Data Plates You Will Recognize

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

At Bauman Engraving & Signs, industrial identification is what we do. Along with industrial identification comes data plate manufacturing. Data plates frequently are used when informing people of regulations, instructions, or to provide other important information. We want to help you better understand why data plates are useful for many businesses - and in some cases - for you as an individual.

You may be surprised to hear that data plates are all around us:

Elevators – Displays information regarding safety inspection, the type of elevator, the weight capacity, and emergency information. This type of data plate ensures proper maintenance of the machine as well as safety for others who use it.

Semi-Trucks – Displays information about the type of material or gases being carried to assure added safety.

Substation Control Buildings – Indicates the specifications of the building itself, the electrical characteristics inside it, and locations and/or emergency contact information.

Electrical Equipment – Displays information on what the model and serial numbers are, how to use the equipment, specifications, manufacturer contact information, and any safety hazards the user should be aware of. This makes for easier use, increased safety, and assistance when in need of repair or replacement parts.

Work Environments – It depends on your type of work, but data plates are generally used in shops that have chemicals or heavy machinery to display important regulations or instructions. Data plates are often used for safety information, even in science classrooms near eye-wash stations.

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