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Better things yet to come...

As we focus on 2022, and leave 2021 behind, I want to highlight some things that had transpired this past year. As one door closes, another door opens up. And we look to that open door with gratitude, strength, fortitude, and hope.

Yes, I am sure a majority of folks would say 2021 was similar to the dumpster fire of 2020 in various respects. But in terms of business, ironically, Bauman Engraving and Signs had two of our best years ever. We are grateful to have such a good team here that makes it all possible. Our locality here in the U.P. has generally fared well in the Iron Mountain/Kingsford area that some would say, “what pandemic?”. We have added a few extra machines and updated our older laser so we have redundancy in the event of other equipment breakdowns. 2021 has been good to us in that respect.

We have been fortunate to have essentially a normal way of life while other parts of the country unfortunately faced layoffs, firings, mandates, lockdowns, unemployment, and political unrest. The past two years will definitely be ones for the record books – records we certainly don’t want to repeat as a country. I am hearing much will change in 2022 – things that will change our lives more positively than anything else in our lifetimes. Without getting into details, this has been something in the works behind the scenes worldwide for many years. You no doubt will hear all about it in the weeks and months to come. In the final analysis, we can thank God for the gifts we all are about to receive.

I want to thank all of our wonderful suppliers that have made sure to provide us with all of our materials to keep production going without any hiccups (as well as UPS and FedEx that continue to service us!). And I want to thank again all of our superb team members here at Bauman Engraving and Signs that make it all possible to get our customers the products they need on time with accuracy and attention to detail. And finally, our customers. Without you we would not be here. Thank you for entrusting us with your business and helping to put food on all of our team member’s family tables.

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