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From the owner: Looking back at 2019, and onward to 2020


A lot of people look at change as a negative thing. Quite a few look at it as an opportunity for positive outcomes. I tend to resemble the latter.

Yes, there has been a LOT of change in our world stage in the last several decades – a lot of it negative unfortunately. That would be a macro view of things. And it can be all-consuming and unhealthy if taken to an extreme. I tend to not worry too much about the things I can’t control - and focus on the things I CAN do something about to affect positive change in my life and business.

2019 was a year of change for Bauman Engraving & Signs. I bought out my (then) business partner in the first half of the year, and we saw some people leave us that weren’t congruent with the premise of Bauman Engraving & Signs over the last 18 months or so. It wasn’t an easy process to keep taking care of our customers with a smile on my face. But, as in life, sometimes you need to go through things with hard work and determination to get to that positive end result. The outcome of this was more than I could have hoped for: My employees now remind me nearly every week of how much they like working here and how it makes them feel. Our vision is congruent and on the same page and forward-thinking, and everyone here believes in it. Good change indeed!

Our vision is this: To provide custom identification solutions and services to the utility industry and commercial businesses through customer satisfaction and attention to detail at every step.

We can’t accomplish that if everyone employed here isn’t on-board with that vision. We currently have a crew that totally believes in that statement, and it is very beneficial for all concerned – especially our customers who keep us in business. Some things are more than money: the relationships that support and work with you are sometimes the most valuable. We have a lot of that, and it makes me very happy and humble at the same time to recognize that.

So, change can be good. In our case it has been very good, and we all look forward to the future and the positivity it offers.

Tom Dudek

President and Owner of Bauman Engraving & Signs, Inc.

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