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How long have you looked at a business card?

Recently we here at Bauman Engraving & Signs have been spending considerable time training and experimenting on our two Mimaki UV flatbed printers. Some of the things we can produce on them are truly incredible. From durable industrial nameplates, safety signage, to highly holographic business cards. cards.

I have never looked at one so long at one time...ever. And I am in the graphics industry! I'm constantly looking at business and hotel signage to examine construction materials and techniques. Yes, when you're self-employed, you're ALWAYS working...

If vehicle wraps produced as much "eye time" as these cards, I would be a bit nervous being located next door to an insurance agency - if you catch my drift. The whole point of advertising and marketing graphics is exposure. Real estate agents and those selling high-ticket items may find these very useful in converting prospects.

The video doesn't even do them justice, let alone a still picture. If you want a sample, just let us know and we will send you one.

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