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Sometimes unexpected outcomes are welcome

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

On Friday afternoon October 2, 2020 the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that all of governor Whitmer's executive orders after April 30 are unconstitutional and have no basis in Michigan law.

After nearly 6 months of constant confusion, regulations, mandates, and sometimes fear, the state Supreme Court stood by their oaths to uphold the Constitution for We the People.

What does this mean for Bauman Engraving & Signs? It means we continue to support freedom of choice and constitutional law, as we have through all of this. It is my view as the owner that we do not need a nanny state to dictate what we do or don't do regarding our health, which has ALWAYS been a private matter to each individual and family. In these times it should be no different, with evidence I have outlined in the prior blog post.

What are the ramifications of the Court's decision? We will soon find out. But for now it means freedom of choice to Michigan citizens and business owners. We are now essentially fully "open" and back to "normal", when we were one of the most oppressed states in the nation since early this past spring. Many businesses have closed their doors for good, many individuals have sadly died through these "mandates" - either in nursing homes or through suicide. And many have said this was a direct result of the governor's mandates. There is currently an investigation going on with the reporting of nursing home deaths - where it appears they were severely underreported. Inarguably, We the People have been lied to and deceived by this administration. I can see many more lawsuits, and reparations issued, for the negative consequences of this administration's decisions. Time will only tell.

Below is a video that offers clarification by attorney David Kallman (the same attorney Karl the barber used - and won - in Michigan Supreme Court back in May):

This is an excellent recap by Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry:

And here is the Court document, note the Defendants are: GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN ATTORNEY GENERAL, and MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES DIRECTOR (who subsequently issued an "order" on Monday 10/6 attempting to put in some of Whitmer's prior restrictions):

161492_53_01_Mtn to clarify
Download PDF • 184KB

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