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Ways to Attract New Customers and Increase Foot Traffic

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

1. Create A Memorable Sign

Why continue to use your old, weathered signage? With our UV-printed or vinyl print sign options, you can create something big and memorable that can be seen from the road – and at a competitive price! Include a blast of color or texture, and possibly a photo or logo from your business. Another great way to get seen from the road is with the use of vehicle graphics! If you have company vehicles or even employees who are enthusiastic about the business, create a wrap or stickers that will get seen everywhere those vehicles travel! Our expert crew at Bauman Engraving & Signs can help you brainstorm some ideas.

2. Make A Great Display for That Window

If your business is in a popular area with a lot of foot traffic, create a window scene that tells a great story! Your window display is your invitation to potential customers and a well-designed display can encourage impulse sales and spark curiosity. At Bauman Engraving & Signs, we have vinyl window graphics available in all colors, shapes and sizes. Let us know what images you’d like, or let our designers handle it for you!

3. Put Something in Your Parking Lot!

Light pole signs are popular with gas stations or fast food restaurants and should be bold and in full color. The goal on these signs is not for promotions or sales, but rather to showcase your best product. We have many choices for posters, including outdoor durability options! Another great way to catch attention in your parking lot is by using a banner. Our banners can include lots of color and large text or images, so you are likely to get the attention of a passerby in their vehicle as well as foot traffic. Large banners are also weather and tear resistant, as well as long-lasting.

Hopefully these tips can help you attract customers to your store, get more foot traffic and increase your retail sales without investing a lot of cash. If you’re interested in getting any advice or a quote from the experts at Bauman Engraving & Signs, please email us at

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